Tatadam! The mobile application that allows parents to find a nanny at the last minute.

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Our mobile app is now available for Android and iOS! Download it now and find a nanny at the last minute!

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Are you a graduate or a student in the field of early childhood?
Do you live in the Vaud, Fribourg, Valais, NeuchΓ’tel or Geneva area?
Would you enjoy working to your own schedule?

πŸ‘‰Β Β Perfect! Fill out the form below or send us your application at nounou@tatadam.com
Please attach your resume, student certificates / Early Childhood certificates or equivalent diploma, ID / work permit)

Once your application reviewed, you will need to go through the following steps:

2. Have an interview with us and discover our world.

3. Get your mobile app credentials and be part of the Tatadam adventure.

4. Fill in your Tatadam profile and let the app do the magic.

*We only take Early Childhood, Psychology (or equivalent) graduates

We rely on four founding values:


To ensure maximum security, all employees are subjected to a psychological test, an interview with a Human Resources specialist, a legal background check as well as a check of their qualifications in the early childhood sector.


All babysitters have a background in early childhood education because we believe that an education and a didactic approach are the best solutions to understand and communicate with children, regardless of their age, culture and character.


Our app is a way for users to get rid of time and search constraints: flexible and mobile, our babysitters appear on request, whether you are planning ahead or last minute.


We strive to be suited to every pocket because every parent should be entitled to some free time.

* Tatadam guarantees that the proposed babysitters are selected by professionals from the field of Human Resources, on the basis of psychological tests and extensive interviews.

For the parents πŸ‘¬

Entrust your children to qualified and hand-picked babysitters. Enjoy your free time safely.

Tatadam gives you the opportunity to enjoy your free time, with peace of mind and safety. Our service guarantees that the proposed babysitters are selected by Human Resources professionals, on the basis of psychological tests and extensive interviews.